Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! While this picture isn't technically from Halloween, it's from a Father/Daughter dance when my little sister (the blonde on the right) and I were both in girl scouts, it's possibly one of my favorite pictures in the world. It sits on my desk, right next to a picture of my momma.

Since I've got a really big Italian test tomorrow that I kind of really need to do well on, I'll be making tonight a really low key night. I plan on heading across the bridge with my friend Lauren and her boyfriend to go take her cousins out trick-or-treating. I'm kind of excited about it. It'll be really interesting to see how it is from their point of view.

What are your plans for tonight? Anything grand planned? 

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  1. soo cute! i love old pictures. sadly yesterday i didn't do too much.

    Helene in Between


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