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Recently I joined a club on campus called SoleSisters through my sorority with forty four other young women. They're mission is to inspire preteen girls to be true to themselves and celebrate everything about themselves. While middle school is a very challenging time in a young girls life, so is college. 

As a part of SoleSisters, I'll be raising money to help support a great program and be a positive role model for young girls. The young girls will be running a 5k in December, and we'll be running a half marathon in January. Yup, you read that right half marathon

Now, I don't run. In fact, for a long time my doctors advised me against running while I was dancing and playing volleyball because of the pressure it puts on your knees. Trust me, when I say my knees are bad, they're awful. But I've been doing a lot of physical therapy exercises to try and strengthen the muscles around them. 

I'm going to start training in two weeks (!!!!), and with a walk/run training program I really hope will help me along the way. I'm really excited to start training and working out, but I'm really nervous at the same time. Running a half marathon, or even a full marathon, is something I've always wanted to do so with the help of SoleSister's I'll actually be able to accomplish this goal. 

Have you ever heard of this program before? Do you run & have any tips for me?

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  1. sounds like a great club! and good luck with your training. i too trained for a half marathon without really being a runner before so you will be fine. just make sure you have really good running shoes! good luck!


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