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Recently I finished a series called Dollhouse. It is a show that aired on Fox from 2009-2010. While it got canceled after only two series, they found out they were being canceled in time to wrap up the show. Joss Whedon was the mastermind behind the television series, and many other great things. I watched this show in a week, that's how good it is. 

The show is about an underground establishment called the Rossum Corporation who have many people who have signed five years of their life to the company. During the five year term, their memory/personality is erased to give the brain enough space to take on the new personality/memories. Wealthy clients hire the dolls out and tell the company who they want, what memories to give them, and what they want to do with the dolls. 

It's a crazy premise but it's written SO well. The story line mainly follows a doll named Echo but later in the series two other dolls become very important as well. It's crazy to see how the story plays out and how many different levels they were able to take the show. 

If you're bored or want to watch a new quick series, you should really check out Dollhouse! Both seasons are on Netflix! 

What shows are you interested in lately? 


  1. Durante is Somethingundone.comSeptember 20, 2012 at 12:35 AM

    It ate my comment! :p
    I haven't picked up Dollhouse yet, When I saw that Fox was giving Joss another show I figured they'd cancel him like they had with Firefly despite their promise to him that they wouldn't (I'm such a nerd) I was going to wait for it to have a couple seasons under the belt. One of the best pieces of revenge about that show being cancelled too early is that he went on to make one of the biggest block buster movies of all time.

    Now he can tell Fox what they can do with themselves.

  2. I literally just finished Firefly, another thing that Joss did! I LOVED it so much. I love that some of the characters in Firefly (the first show he did) actually were on Dollhouse. It made me fall in love with them even more! Thanks for stopping by! xo, Maria


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