How Do You Treat Yourself?

I don’t know about you, but I’m a firm believer in treating myself. It’s not often that I do it because let’s be honest, I have to save up for studying aboard next summer. But every now and then sometimes you just need a little treat.

It can be as little to a coffee whenever you’re having a bad day, to something a little larger when you accomplished something. For me, during school I would usually only treat myself to coffee from Starbucks or our local coffee joint, Community Coffee. Normally I bring coffee from home, so spending money on coffee is just silly for me (sometimes). 

However when the last semester ended, I finished with a3.6, which is a huge deal! To celebrate I bought myself a Lilly Agenda, stickers for it, akoozie and a sunglass strap. I spent around $50 for everything, which is kind of a lot, but it was completely worth it!

When was the last time that you treated yourself?


  1. I haven't in forever-- unless you count buying maternity clothes, which kind of counts I guess, since it IS NEW clothes... but just not nearly as fun, or as much of a treat as normal clothes! Anyway, sounds like you treated yourself nicely, and for a job well done! a 3.6!? that's awesome!

  2. Haha I guess maternity clothes kind of count, but it's more of a necessity! Thanks so much! Working so hard really does pay off in the end, especially since I'm looking at going to graduate school! Thanks for stopping by! xo, Maria


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