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Have you heard of Mumford & Sons? If not, you should really go and check them out. I’m kind of in love with them!

I saw them in 2010 when they came to New Orleans and played a smaller show. Since I had been obsessed with them for a while before then I thought that they were amazing. Elliot, on the other hand, just kind of enjoyed the show.

Well when we went to Bonnaroo last year, we were able to see them again. I loved the show, even though I much preferred the New Orleans show. It was just so much more intimate. However it was at Bonnaroo that I was able to hear a few songs off of their new album, which were amazing.

Well, when I heard that they had a new I jumped on the chance to check out what would be on there and what wouldn’t be. Y’all it’s going to be SO good! It comes out on September 24, 2012! Needless to say, I’m kind of excited about it coming out.

This is one of my favorite songs that Mumford has. With the breakup, I've listened to a lot of Mumford and Sons. I have really begun to listen to they lyrics of their songs, and actually appreciate them a lot more. Mumford was able to get me through a really rough time, and their music and songs give me hope.

Do you have a band that you go to during rough times? 


  1. I love MUMFORD too. During sad times I usually go for some slow country jams. I love it.

  2. I'm pretty pumped about their new album as well - did you see / hear the sneak peek they did of one of their songs at Red Rocks?

  3. Same! I'm still kicking myself for not preordering the album! I'm going to buy it sometime next week hopefully!

  4. I'm seriously loving their new album, well the songs I've been able to preview. Kind of kicking myself for not preordering now!

  5. YES! I wanted to be there so bad...but living in Louisiana kind of hinders that.


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