Thank You Notes

four different types of thank you nots I have -- with so many choices it's so hard to choose!

but really, doesn't this just look adorable in the envelope 

In my post yesterday, I talked about the importance of not burning bridges. Well today is kind of like a continuation of that post! I've always thought it to be super important to keep the contacts you make, however you may make them. 

So, in order to leave the company I just left on a good note I wrote everyone who I worked with closely a thank you note. Above are just four of the five that I wrote. 

One was to my best friend who got me the job there, thanking her for such a great opportunity. 

The next, the girl I worked with every Tuesday, all day. She provided me with some of the greatest laughs and funniest stories I have ever heard. She's truly one of the sweetest people I've ever met. 

One for the woman who trained me to teach all of my classes. She was so patient with me and really pushed me out of my comfort zones at time to try and help me learn. 

Next, the girl I spent most Saturdays with working. She is such a great person and so smart. She'll go far in whatever path she chooses. 

And finally, the one to my boss. The one who provided me with a job for the last ten months, that showed me that I can teach classes and I am a good teacher. 

Saying thank you was so important to me, making sure I let each person know how they touched my life and how grateful I was for their help.

So what about you? Do you write thank you notes? or When was the last time you wrote one?


  1. I just thought you should know that you're awesome. And I'm awesome. because I have those exact same notecards. 

  2. Say what! That's so awesome. You're awesome as well! I love those notecards so much they're so beautiful and simple!

    Xo, Maria

  3. I just wrote a ton after coming back home from a wedding. I wrote one to every person I stayed with during my stay, and then some. I love writing thank you notes, and this post just inspired me to organize and catalog all of my correspondence cards. It's kind of a ridiculous amount...

  4. Aw, that really is such a sweet thing for you to do! I'm obsessed with having so many cards just so you have options! Especially if I know someone will appreciate one design more so than the other!
    Xo, Maria


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