Rush Week!

My chapter's house!
While I love blogging and everything about it, there's a time period of my life (two very specific weeks) that I have to quit blogging and focus full time on whatever's going on. Right now, this means that I have to be with my sorority, preparing to rush new girls and accept the best and brightest. 

These two weeks are some of the most mentally and physically challenging weeks of our lives. In two weeks we'll go through workshops, move into the sorority house, spend so much time together and just have a great time. While this is going on though we have to be at our very best physically and emotionally. 

We spend a lot of time preparing to go through rush and we have to devot our full attention to the process. I've loved going through the past two years and look forward to this year as well! 

So for the next two weeks I'll be in silent mode. I have a lot of posts scheduled for while I'm gone, but if you send me any emails it may take me a second or two to respond to them! 

I hope I see y'all/hear from y'all soon!

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