Nook vs. Kindle

Nook Vs. Kindle
So recently, I’ve been looking into Nooks and Kindles (wish I could afford an iPad!), and seeing what the differences between the two are. 

Regardless of which brand, I hear that people love both. However, if you’re a kindle fan, you hate nook and vice versa (or so I’ve heard). Well, it’s my dad’s 50th birthday in August and I think I’ve decided to get him the Nook Tablet! He really would love an iPad to play games and read the newspaper (he doesn’t really read many books). While I was looking into which would be better, for him, I found that the Nook Tablet is perfect!

While I was researching and figuring out which would be best for him, I kind of fell in love with the Nook Color! It’s a step under the tablet (because) but it’s perfect for me! I would probably watch a few movies on it, but that wouldn’t be the primary purpose!

For me, it would be something that I could read books on, but books that I don’t want to own. There are a few series that I would definitely buy a bound copy of, but books that could take me two seconds to read, I would buy the e-version.

What do you think? Nook or Kindle?

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