Game Day Dresses: LSU

Game Day Dresses - LSU
Oasis lace v neck dress/Pleated dress/Cotton shirt/Mango pleated skirt

I go to Louisiana State University (or LSU, if you're familiar) and I absolutely love it. Being born and raised in the south, football is a huge part of life. In fact, tailgating is one of the things we do best. Outdoor cooking? Game day dresses? Cowboy boots? Flats? Pretty little purses? We have it all.

So today I've compiled a few dresses that I'm obsessing over. Since LSU's colors are purple and gold I own a decent amount of these colors. However, LSU usually has a pink out game where everyone is instructed to wear something pink!

For the first outfit, I tried to do something for a pink out game! I loved this skirt and then found a cool cotton top to wear on top of it. Being in Louisiana,  you HAVE to have something that is cool and breezy because lord knows that it is hot as all get out down here.

I fell in love with the second and third dress (they're obviously very similar) and wanted to buy both! However, I look sea sick when I wear yellow, so if I bought it I would have to buy the purple one!

Looking very put together is a must for LSU games, especially being in a sorority, you not only represent yourself, and LSU but also your entire sorority.

Do you dress up for football games? Or do you go the more casual route? 

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