CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates

These two girls headed the entire event; they did amazing!
During recruitment we have two days devoted to your sorority's philanthropy. I remember going through this round as a freshman and loving it. I loved hearing about philanthropies that I had heard of before, but the ones that really stuck out to me were the ones I hadn't ever heard of before. 

When I walked into the Theta house on philanthropy day I heard of a philanthropy called CASA. This stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. I've written about it once before on this blog, but I've never really delved into the philanthropy before. 

CASA volunteers are just normal people but they do extraordinary things. They speak up for the abused and neglected children in their community. They give them a voice when the child cannot even speak for themselves. They help to get the child the best care they can. 

In our area, there are more than 250 children who needed a voice. Each year there are hundres of children placed in foster care because of abuse and negligence of whomever was taking care of them. Without CASA many of these children would be lost in the system. They would not have a voice to stand up for them. They wouldn't have someone to help decide their future. 

Last year we raised over $15,000 at one event for our local branch of CASA. I was on the philanthropy committee and it really moved me greatly. We put in so many hours of work and we tried so hard to get donations and get the word out about KATfish for CASA. It was such a successful event and it helped out our area CASA so much. 

If you have a CASA in your area, I would strongly advise checking it out! You don't have to sponsor a child, but there are so many opportunities to help out! 

Had you heard of CASA before now? What are some of your favorite charities? 


  1. The heart-string pulling of CASA is one of the first (besides the girls!) parts of Theta I fell in love with when I went through recruitment. Doing our cocoa for CASA and Mr. CASAnova pageant are some of my favorite memories from my time as an active!

  2. This semester were doing a late night taco bar event called Mi Casa es Su Casa! I cannot be more excited for it :) then of course next semester we do a huge fish fry called KATfish for Casa! I'm on the philanthropy committee and absolutely love it!
    Xo, Maria


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