A Family Fun Beach Trip

To say that this past beach trip was an interesting one would be an understatement. I went with my family (9 other people than me, to be exact!), and it couldn’t have been more fun. However, we definitely got off to a rocky start.

Elliot and I had to meet the rest of my family in New Orleans (where my dad, sister & her friend were meeting as well), which wouldn’t be bad, but it’s an hour drive away, at the very least. So, we woke up at 8am to get donuts with our friends Cab & Jeffrey before they had to go to work & we had to leave.

We ended up being a little late, leaving at 9:30 instead of the planned on 9:10am, but we made it to New Orleans by 10:45 so it was all good! We traded cars, leaving Elliot’s at my Maw Maw & Paw Paw’s (grandmother/grandfather). And left for 11am.

When we were heading to Okaloosa Island, we got stuck in traffic. Major traffic. Like the kind of traffic where it’s only supposed to be a five-hour trip, leaving at 11am, we didn’t get there until 6pm. Well, on our way there we took the road with a toll booth…the car of “kids”, aka our car, (26, 25, 23, 20, 19 – “kids”) had to scramble for change. A $3.75 toll…we hadn’t ever heard such a thing. Hello, we’re from Louisiana. The most expensive toll is across the Twin Span in New Orleans, which is maybe around $2.00.

Needless to say, after a few minutes of scrambling we found the money and we were on our way! Two hours of traffic later, we made it! We couldn’t have been happier to make it there. We had such a great week, watching movies, reading books, playing cards, playing in the Gulf, & eating loads of food.

It was a much needed and much deserved vacation.

Where was your last vacation?


  1. wohoo! sounds like a rocking vacation. my family haven't done any vacation together for a quite long time. we should make plan asap

  2. It was such a fun vacation! Y'all should definitely take one! I always feel like family vacations are always the most interesting to take!

    Xo, Maria

  3. Haha it was definitely an experience trying to spell it the first time to put it in the GPS.

    Xo, Maria


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