A Look Into Next Semester

Today is my first day of school and at the beginning of each semester I like to look at my schedule and see what I've got planned for the upcoming semester.

Now, this is just a look at all of my classes/what day they are, sorority meetings, and Saints & LSU football games. This doesn't have my work schedule, tests, or any kind of sorority function/service project I may have, plus anything that falls under the 'life' category.

Now, I am crazy organized. I have this exact same thing in my phone, since it's an iPhone it syncs automatically! It's truly a blessing !

So pretty much for me, anything in gold is for my sorority, pink is for 'life stuff', and grey is for classes. I also have a green that is for my work schedule, and I'll make any class that I have a test in blue for just that day!

As you can see, I would probably die without my calendar. I have an agenda that I keep in my booksack, as well as a desk calendar that I hang up on the outside of my closet door so everything is able to be seen from anywhere!

Are you super organized, or are you able to just remember important things?

Bid Day 2012!

Bid day 2011!
The day is finally here! Today is the day we've been working towards for the last two weeks. We've worked hard and I'm sure we've gotten really great girls! I cannot wait to take a day and relax before school starts and get to know all the new girls (or as many as I possibly can)! 

It may take me a few days to get back into the swing of things but hopefully I'll get right back up and go! Our theme is tie dye and everything that deals with it! I'm so excited to get dressed up in our gear, hang out with the girls, go swimming and eat really great food!

I hope y'all have a really great weekend and I look forward to catching up on everyone's blogs when I return to the real world!

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dads 50th birthday! We were born almost 30 years apart (I came only 4 days earlier!). My dad is really special to me. This past year has been an interesting one to say the least, but we've all grown closer as a family. 

I'm sad I'm going through recruitment all night and won't be able to eat dinner with him, but I will hopefully be eating lunch with him!

I love him so much and hope you have a great day, dad! Happy Birthday.

The Perfect: Little Black Dress

The Perfect: Little Black Dress

Oasis dress/Paprika peplum dress/Mango dress

I don't know about you but I fully believe that the Little Black Dress is a must have for any girl. When going through sorority recruitment I had no clue of what to expect, but once I walked into a house and all the girls were in LBD's I felt right at home.

Now, the key to finding the perfect LBD is the fit and cut. There is SUCH a wide variety of dresses it's crazy. When someone would have told me that I just needed a LBD I was like, this will be easy! I got to the store and it was SO complicated! There were so many different types to choose from I was very overwhelmed.

I found a dress that I loved and bought it! I wish I would have found a dress like the one on the right though, I think I may be in love with this one as well!

Do you have a LBD? Did you find one quickly or was it a process? 

CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates

These two girls headed the entire event; they did amazing!
During recruitment we have two days devoted to your sorority's philanthropy. I remember going through this round as a freshman and loving it. I loved hearing about philanthropies that I had heard of before, but the ones that really stuck out to me were the ones I hadn't ever heard of before. 

When I walked into the Theta house on philanthropy day I heard of a philanthropy called CASA. This stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates. I've written about it once before on this blog, but I've never really delved into the philanthropy before. 

CASA volunteers are just normal people but they do extraordinary things. They speak up for the abused and neglected children in their community. They give them a voice when the child cannot even speak for themselves. They help to get the child the best care they can. 

In our area, there are more than 250 children who needed a voice. Each year there are hundres of children placed in foster care because of abuse and negligence of whomever was taking care of them. Without CASA many of these children would be lost in the system. They would not have a voice to stand up for them. They wouldn't have someone to help decide their future. 

Last year we raised over $15,000 at one event for our local branch of CASA. I was on the philanthropy committee and it really moved me greatly. We put in so many hours of work and we tried so hard to get donations and get the word out about KATfish for CASA. It was such a successful event and it helped out our area CASA so much. 

If you have a CASA in your area, I would strongly advise checking it out! You don't have to sponsor a child, but there are so many opportunities to help out! 

Had you heard of CASA before now? What are some of your favorite charities? 

Game Day Dresses: LSU

Game Day Dresses - LSU
Oasis lace v neck dress/Pleated dress/Cotton shirt/Mango pleated skirt

I go to Louisiana State University (or LSU, if you're familiar) and I absolutely love it. Being born and raised in the south, football is a huge part of life. In fact, tailgating is one of the things we do best. Outdoor cooking? Game day dresses? Cowboy boots? Flats? Pretty little purses? We have it all.

So today I've compiled a few dresses that I'm obsessing over. Since LSU's colors are purple and gold I own a decent amount of these colors. However, LSU usually has a pink out game where everyone is instructed to wear something pink!

For the first outfit, I tried to do something for a pink out game! I loved this skirt and then found a cool cotton top to wear on top of it. Being in Louisiana,  you HAVE to have something that is cool and breezy because lord knows that it is hot as all get out down here.

I fell in love with the second and third dress (they're obviously very similar) and wanted to buy both! However, I look sea sick when I wear yellow, so if I bought it I would have to buy the purple one!

Looking very put together is a must for LSU games, especially being in a sorority, you not only represent yourself, and LSU but also your entire sorority.

Do you dress up for football games? Or do you go the more casual route? 

Happy Birthday to Me!

Me with my good friend Polly
It's my 20th Birthday today! While I'm spending most of the day with my sorority, participating in recruitment, I'll be spending the night with other family and friends. 

I'll be eating dinner with my parents, boyfriend and a few close friends! While I won't be able to go out or do much tonight, I'm glad to spend it with those who love me. I'm sure that once recrutiment is over we'll have a great big get together with everyone to celebrate all the birthdays we've missed!

What I'm Loving: Wellies

What I'm Loving: Wellies

Living in the south, wellies are a MUST! One minute it could be bright and sun shining and the next it will be storming. A 30% chance of rain means that it will most likely rain that day, and probably monsoon for a little bit. 

I love all different kinds of wellies, but my favorite have to be the hunter wellies or bean boots!  The original hunter wellies are really great for the days when you know it's going to monsoon. On the other hand, bean boots are perfect for days where you know it'll rain, but it's not going to pour. 

The three different lengths I've really seen around are ankle boots, boots that hit my shin and tall boots. Now, having three different pairs of boots may be a little excessive, so if you have one (or even two) would be the perfect amount! 

Do you have a pair of wellies? Which are your favorite? 

Thank You Notes

four different types of thank you nots I have -- with so many choices it's so hard to choose!

but really, doesn't this just look adorable in the envelope 

In my post yesterday, I talked about the importance of not burning bridges. Well today is kind of like a continuation of that post! I've always thought it to be super important to keep the contacts you make, however you may make them. 

So, in order to leave the company I just left on a good note I wrote everyone who I worked with closely a thank you note. Above are just four of the five that I wrote. 

One was to my best friend who got me the job there, thanking her for such a great opportunity. 

The next, the girl I worked with every Tuesday, all day. She provided me with some of the greatest laughs and funniest stories I have ever heard. She's truly one of the sweetest people I've ever met. 

One for the woman who trained me to teach all of my classes. She was so patient with me and really pushed me out of my comfort zones at time to try and help me learn. 

Next, the girl I spent most Saturdays with working. She is such a great person and so smart. She'll go far in whatever path she chooses. 

And finally, the one to my boss. The one who provided me with a job for the last ten months, that showed me that I can teach classes and I am a good teacher. 

Saying thank you was so important to me, making sure I let each person know how they touched my life and how grateful I was for their help.

So what about you? Do you write thank you notes? or When was the last time you wrote one?

On Burning Bridges

I recently quit one of my two jobs. I really enjoyed working there but some things came up and I had to quit. I have been working there for 9 months and I've had an amazing experience. 

One thing I learned growing up was not to burn bridges. Whether or not you've had a good experience at the place, you should never completely cut ties with someone. You never know when or where later in life you may see or need that person again. 

When you leave somewhere, I was always taught to be cordial and kind. To say thank you, even when it could have almost killed me. When you leave somewhere, you leave with a smile. You should always make the people whom you worked with remember you with a good memory. 

As my momma has always told me: you catch more flies with honey than vinegar. 

A Different Pair Every Day!


Going through recruitment, sunglasses are one of the few things you need to survive. It's southern Louisiana so it's HOT and you're sweaty and the last thing you want is to be standing at a house and squinting 24/7. 

There are so many different styles of sunglasses to choose from that sometimes it can be overwhelming. I have no clue what shape face I have or what sunglasses look the best on me, but personally I love ray bans and aviators. Two very classic cuts of sunglasses that, normally, you can't go wrong with. 

I keep going back and forth between black and brown sunglasses, even though I only own black sunglasses. I think that brown is slowly creeping into my wardrobe. 

What are your favorite types of sunglasses? Do you prefer bright colors or more neutral colors? 

Rush Week!

My chapter's house!
While I love blogging and everything about it, there's a time period of my life (two very specific weeks) that I have to quit blogging and focus full time on whatever's going on. Right now, this means that I have to be with my sorority, preparing to rush new girls and accept the best and brightest. 

These two weeks are some of the most mentally and physically challenging weeks of our lives. In two weeks we'll go through workshops, move into the sorority house, spend so much time together and just have a great time. While this is going on though we have to be at our very best physically and emotionally. 

We spend a lot of time preparing to go through rush and we have to devot our full attention to the process. I've loved going through the past two years and look forward to this year as well! 

So for the next two weeks I'll be in silent mode. I have a lot of posts scheduled for while I'm gone, but if you send me any emails it may take me a second or two to respond to them! 

I hope I see y'all/hear from y'all soon!

My Family Portrait

When we were at the beach, I “forced” my family to take pictures on the beach and in the condo. Let’s be honest, the last time we had a family vacation was two years ago and our pictures are just as outdated as that.

Well, we started to take pictures in the condo on the sofa and those taking the pictures discovered the mirror hanging over the couch…hilarious chaos ensued while we took pictures of ourselves in the mirror.

Then I made everyone go outside (the next day) to take pictures outside. It was windy and a little overcast, but I think they came out well.

When was the last time you took family photos?

Nook vs. Kindle

Nook Vs. Kindle
So recently, I’ve been looking into Nooks and Kindles (wish I could afford an iPad!), and seeing what the differences between the two are. 

Regardless of which brand, I hear that people love both. However, if you’re a kindle fan, you hate nook and vice versa (or so I’ve heard). Well, it’s my dad’s 50th birthday in August and I think I’ve decided to get him the Nook Tablet! He really would love an iPad to play games and read the newspaper (he doesn’t really read many books). While I was looking into which would be better, for him, I found that the Nook Tablet is perfect!

While I was researching and figuring out which would be best for him, I kind of fell in love with the Nook Color! It’s a step under the tablet (because) but it’s perfect for me! I would probably watch a few movies on it, but that wouldn’t be the primary purpose!

For me, it would be something that I could read books on, but books that I don’t want to own. There are a few series that I would definitely buy a bound copy of, but books that could take me two seconds to read, I would buy the e-version.

What do you think? Nook or Kindle?

A Family Fun Beach Trip

To say that this past beach trip was an interesting one would be an understatement. I went with my family (9 other people than me, to be exact!), and it couldn’t have been more fun. However, we definitely got off to a rocky start.

Elliot and I had to meet the rest of my family in New Orleans (where my dad, sister & her friend were meeting as well), which wouldn’t be bad, but it’s an hour drive away, at the very least. So, we woke up at 8am to get donuts with our friends Cab & Jeffrey before they had to go to work & we had to leave.

We ended up being a little late, leaving at 9:30 instead of the planned on 9:10am, but we made it to New Orleans by 10:45 so it was all good! We traded cars, leaving Elliot’s at my Maw Maw & Paw Paw’s (grandmother/grandfather). And left for 11am.

When we were heading to Okaloosa Island, we got stuck in traffic. Major traffic. Like the kind of traffic where it’s only supposed to be a five-hour trip, leaving at 11am, we didn’t get there until 6pm. Well, on our way there we took the road with a toll booth…the car of “kids”, aka our car, (26, 25, 23, 20, 19 – “kids”) had to scramble for change. A $3.75 toll…we hadn’t ever heard such a thing. Hello, we’re from Louisiana. The most expensive toll is across the Twin Span in New Orleans, which is maybe around $2.00.

Needless to say, after a few minutes of scrambling we found the money and we were on our way! Two hours of traffic later, we made it! We couldn’t have been happier to make it there. We had such a great week, watching movies, reading books, playing cards, playing in the Gulf, & eating loads of food.

It was a much needed and much deserved vacation.

Where was your last vacation?

A Huge Collection: Nail Polish

I have a huge collection of nail polish, although not as much as my friend Alexa does. Sometimes we have really massive, wonderful nail polish painting parties.

I tried to line up all the nail polishes I have, but couldn’t do it on one windowsill (the place I can put it!). I’m currently trying to find a way to organize it/store it. Right now I’ve got it in a glass pumpkin that my mom used to use when we were growing up for Halloween cookies (trust me, she’s like a Martha Stewart only better).

While I love the way that they look in the pumpkin, it’s not really a great way to store things. I think I’m going to look for an old spice rack that I can strip down and paint to make it my own and then hang on my walls!

My favorite colors have to be the Zoya colors I’ve chosen so far! I love their nail polish, you just have to find it though! It can be so hard to find!

Do you obsessively paint your nails like I do?

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