White Hot

White Hot

During the summer months, I always have the strongest urge to wear white. I'm not quite sure why, but something about it just calls to me. 

However, I am quite literally the messiest person known to man kind. I can spill on anything and everything, and trust me, I do.

The few items I've put up here show just a little bit of what I'm loving this week! I cannot get enough of the white pencil dress, although I would probably destroy it within ten minutes of wearing it. 

Something a little more suttle that I could probably wear would be the white top. Lately I've been obsessing over tops like this! Most likely because anything without sleeves is a friend to me. 

What colors are you feeling this month? Are you obsessed with white too? 


  1. I am not obsessed with white, but I wear it occasionally--I was wearing a white pair of capris for the first time in a while today and I'm not even kidding, within ten minutes of getting dressed, I walked my knee into the stick we use to stir our fires and got ashes all over my knee! ahhh.....

  2. haha, oh no! I could never wear white...I'm way too clumsy. If I make it through the day without spilling something on myself, I consider it a good day! 

    xo, Maria


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