The Pink Pelican & Lilly Pultizer

Recently I stumbled upon a website called The Pink Pelican, which is a store that mainly focuses on Lilly Pulitzer. When I went through their website (and blog) I fell in love immediately.

My first fall in love moment: they had the Scarlet Begonia sunglass straps & koozie I have been looking for since I couldn't order them in time off of the Lilly website!

My second fall in love moment? They had the Spike the Punch (sorority) sticker set as well!!!! They  also have May Flowers (family),  and See You Later (academic) sticker sets!

The second I saw all of these things in one place because let's face it, shipping is the devil, I knew that I had to place an order.

I had been looking at the Large 2012-2013 planner in U Gotta Regatta for months now, trying to see if I would really want to spend that much money on a planner and I finally made my decision. 

Right after I placed my order, I got two emails. One was a copy of my receipt and the other was one saying they had received my order! Then! Two hours later, I had received an email saying that my order had been shipped!

I placed the order Monday at noon and got my order in on Thursday after I got off work! I probably would have gotten it sooner but the 4th was on Wednesday!

Let me just say, I cannot be happier with all of my purchases, even the $8 shipping was worth it! I would completely shop there for any of my Lilly needs! 


Thanks for saying hello! I love hearing from all of you & reply back to everyone as quickly as I can! xoxo

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