Summer Scarves

Summer Scarves

I feel that scarves should be an all year accessory. Really light scarves can be perfect for the summertime and can really complete an outfit. There's something about a scarf that really makes me fall in love with it. 

I've got a really light black one from Lands End that I'm kind of in love with and want to wear with everything. It really can complete a look, especially in a dress that just needs a little something. 

I don't own an infinity scarf but they look so awesome that I just want to try one out. My favorite one, from this set, has to be the stripped scarf. It's just so beautiful and such a great color for the summer and fall months! 

Do you wear scarves during the summer? Or strictly in the winter time? 


  1. I love scarves too. Whenever I see someone wearing one I think "what a lovely, pulled together outfit" - but I don't own many myself...need more confidence with them to pull them off I think :-) Love that striped one!

  2. really beautiful scarves!

  3. Just keep trying! Sometimes it's all about mixing and matching and seeing what works for you! Scarves are so much easier to pull together (at least for me) when it's time for football season tailgating! 

    xo, Maria


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