Christmas in July!

Today I'm linking up with Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure for Christmas in July! 

Unfortunately, when we went out of town was exactly when I received my Christmas in July present....well it rained the entire time we were out of town which meant that everything got wet.

Never fear, nothing in the package got ruined and when I opened it I was pleasantly surprised! The wonderful Leanna who blogs over at OMG I'm Back in DC!

First off, how adorable is the tissue paper that she added into it! I wish I had thought of something adorable like this!

Although the package got a little wet, luckily nothing got damaged! Especially this cute little handwritten note! I opened it up only to find the cutest little stationery! 

So cute! She had the sweetest handwritten note to accompany everything in the package! I love how she was able to relate everything in the package with things that we both love [hello coffee & nail polish!!].

I love all magazines, especially fashion mags! I feel like you can learn a lot (maybe it's just me) from hearing what other people have to say! And where do you get the best advice? From the people who know the business! Next, I love how she gave me everything I need for a mani/pedi! So sweet and thoughtful! I had never tried the Starbucks refreshers before, but these are TO DIE FOR! They're so delicious!

Here is everything all set up on my bed! The magazine was a little wet, but it wasn't ruined! I had to let it dry out for a little bit, but it ended up being perfectly fine! I don't subscribe to Glamour, but after this issue I'm really thinking about subscribing!

Here you can see all the beautiful nail polishes lined up on my nightstand!

Did you participate in Christmas in July? If so what did you get? If not, would you want to next year?


  1. I'm so glad you liked your packaged and you enjoyed the Glamour's my favorite!

  2. Ah so sad I didn't participate - it all looks so fun! And what a great partner you got, I love Leanna's blog!

  3. I'm definitely going to look into subscribing! Thanks so much!

    xo, Maria

  4. It was really a lot of fun! And Leanna is too sweet! Next year, if they do it again, you should definitly do it (if you're not in the middle of moving again!).

    xo, Maria

  5. such a lovely box :D 

  6. i love a good swap and i adore leanna. you guys did great - christmas in july indeed :)

  7. Isn't she adorable? Christmas in July was definitely a great one, especially for being the first one I participated in!

    Xo, Maria


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