Whimsical Wedges

Whimsical Wedges

I'm in LOVE with wedges, especially during summertime when it is ridiculously hot outside. I'm kind of clumsy, so while heels are awesome, I have to have somethings trapping my foot in so I don't trip over myself. 

Summertime is an excellent opportunity to take control of bright, fun colors. I think that while you shoudl always have bright colors, you need a pair of black and a pair of brown wedges just for really bright printed dresses! 

The thing I love about most of these wedges is that the heels are colored! Don't get me wrong, I love corked heels, but sometimes a fully colored heel is just what I want!

Do you love heels or wedges? Which are your favorite?


  1. I love wedges! I own so many, but rarely wear them because being 5'10" I also feel like a giant with them on.

  2. Wow , beautiful wedges, amazing colors. love all of them .
    parfum pas cher

  3. i LOVE wedges!! they are so cute w/o being as painful as heels! lol!


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