Stripes, Stripes & More Stripes


Recently I've been seeing stripes more and more in stores. This is something I'm so excited about. Whether it be large stripes, small stripes or stripes just in the middle of a shirt/jacket/dress, I love them.

Stripes are just one of those classic items that you can't really go wrong with, or at least I think so! While black and white stripes may be the most classic of the looks, I'm  loving the new colored stripes. Especially blue, my favorite color, and the multicolored stripes. 

I saw this jacket and really, really, really want it! It's one of those things that will look so good with so many different outfit combinations! 

Are you loving stripes this year?


  1. I'm wearing stripes right now! I never really embraced them until this season either

  2. I am soo obsessed with stripes -- I don't think I'll ever fully stop loving them! So easy to wear with everything! xo

  3. Love ALL of these! Stripes are my favorite- such an easy design to work with!

  4. i always love stripes! i feel like they're really summery. although i feel like they say they're not flattering unless you're super skinny...i don't care! lol!

  5. I got some striped shirts on sale at Target and can't stop wearing them!! :D

  6. oh yes please! bring on the stripes!


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