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Let's be honest, normally I wouldn't read film news, listen to film podcasts or anything other than that sort. I love watching movies and television shows but I'm not one to really to want to know the back story or how it was made or read any reviews on it. I like knowing if a movie is good or if it's bad and that's about it.

Now, my boyfriend on the other hand, is a film major. He is the complete opposite of me. He loves hearing about how movies are made, who made them, what they did to make them, etc. 

So because I love him dearly, I'm trying/been trying to be able to talk to him about movies and why he liked them/didn't like them so I've been listening to a podcast called The /Film podcast. You can check it out on iTunes if you'd like. 

The guys who run the podcast are really entertaining and I love hearing what they have to say on movies they've seen recently! If you're ever in the mood to check out a film or want a review on one before it comes out, you should definitely check them out!

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