Simply Sweet

Simply Sweet

For the summer time, I love light dresses and when I saw this pretty pink colored dress I knew it would be perfect for summer date nights.  

While summer is for bright, sometimes obnoxious, neon colors and spring is normally for pastel colors, I love changing it up a little bit. Because, hey, rules are meant to be broken! 

I'm not a huge fan of jewelry, meaning that I hardly ever wear it, but slowly it's beginning to grow on me. I'm kind of loving these bangles! 

I feel like, with really good paring of accessories and shoes, you could make this dress a daytime dress or a night dress! Who knows! 

What are you loving for the summer? Are you one to stick to the rules or do you tend to break them?


  1. i love this! that dress is so gorgeous x

  2. love this outfit becaue you could wear it for so many occassions! brunch, church, work, dinner, etc

  3. I love the bangles!
    I think rules are meant to be broken, too - I would totally wear this over the summer.


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