Oh What's In My Big Green Bag

I'm not going to lie, I love my purse but sometimes I think that it's too big. I mean, look at all the stuff that's in it! Because I try and do so much stuff, I tend to live out of my purse and in my car. This means my stuff is spread out EVERYWHERE. It' can be crazy sometimes. 

Now, I've seen other bloggers do series where they open up their bags and show you what's inside. I was like, I think that this is a great idea, I can do this! But you know, if I empty out my bag it will look nothing like theirs. So you know what, I just went for it. 

Y'all this was the massive amount of stuff in my purse. I'm not even kidding. It was SO messy! When I say I live otu of my purse, I'm not lying (as you can see from the massive amount of clutter here.

These are just a few pictures of what the inside of my purse looked like up close. If you look in the background of the picture on the left you can actually see the green purse.

On the left hand side I have a lot of the essentials I kept in my purse. Except for the candy cane pieces, flattened granola bar, and thread. The GPS went back into my car for safe keeping, lord knows I need it! I get lost a lot...even though I've lived here my entire life.

On the right hand side I've got pens, highlighters, a hair brush, my wallet, flip flops, socks and my ipod. I cleaned out all the junk and receipts that I definitely do not need.

Does your purse look like mine? Or are you able to keep yours squeaky clean? 


  1. You know what, Maria?! I love that you have all of this random stuff in your purse and that it's not perfectly organized, because it makes you human. And awesome, because it's cool that you carry around flip flops with you.

  2. I love the fact you're so honest haha. My bag is usually ok, as I end up changing its contents most days depending on whether I'm at work, uni, or just out and about, but it's so easy to accumulate such a massive amount of shit in there in a very small space of time haha. If it makes you feel any better, my little sister's is usually much worse- there's normally a smashed face powder or something like that in there ;) xx


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