A Final Farewell

One of my greatest friends, Chris, has an apartment that we've had many a gatherings at for the past two years. There have been so many different parties, get together, farewells and welcomings in the last two years it's hard to imagine that we won't have them there anymore.

He's moving to another house with his current roommate, so there will be another party and I'm sure more get together there, but it'll be different. At this apartment we grew insanely close, we're our own little family. 

This past weekend to say a fond farewell to the apartment we had out last party there. It was a farewell/memorial day themed get together and it was amazing. I spent so much time talking to and getting closer to the people who mean the most in my life. It was a great way to end the time spent there.

Do you have a place that y'all always go to hangout? 

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