Fill in the Blank Friday: Why I Blog

I'm linking up with Lauren at The LIttle Things We Do for another version of Fill in the Blank Friday. 

Normally she'll give us a bunch of questions and we just fill in the blanks with our answers. However, this week is a little different. Instead of many different questions with blanks, today it's just one question. 

Why do you blog?

I started a blog, not this one, when I was in high school going to college. It was a way for my momma to keep up with everything that's going on in my life. Whether it be what I did that weekend or what is on my mind and what I'm loving. 

This past year I started Peppermints and Pixie Dust because as I was going through college, my goals and wants began to change. Peppermints and Pixie Dust has allowed me an outlet to the massive amount of school work I'm usually hiding under and my jobs. 

It's because of blogging that I've been more inclined than ever to start becoming more involved and more active in the community around me and in the blog world. I've expanded my posts from just about my life to about cooking and traveling and fashion and quite literally everything that I can think of. 

I hope that blogging continues to open more doors for me and allow me to meet up with some of the amazing blogs that I read every day. Maybe snail mail and care packages one day! Who knows. 

Right now, it's my little corner of the world. It's a place for me to escape to. 

And now I'm turning the question to you. Why do you blog?


  1. I blog as a way to remember the little things in life, and so I can look back and remember things that I've done. I also think it would be fun to share with my kids one day, imagine they could see what their parents were up to when they were younger and not so lame! :)

  2. This is great. I always appreciate the honesty in "Why I Blog" posts, it helps you get to know that person :)

    xo Shane

  3. It's a great question. I started blogging as a way to track my sewing projects/progress and ease my boredom, but now I do it because I love this community!

  4. Holaa! Quería avisarte que he vuelto a retomar el blog, tengo muchísimas novedades que enseñararte! No te pierdas la NUEVA ENTRADA! Un besoo! (L)


  5. blogging has been such an amazing outlet for me, too. great post :) love your blog! it's so refreshing! found you via the wiegands link up and am excited to follow along! xo


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