Somewhat of a Splurge!

So I did it! I finally bought myself a Lilly Pulitzer large agenda! I'm so much in love with their patterns and sometimes whimsical themes. I've been holding out on buying one last year because I wasn't really in love with any of the patterns but when I saw You Gotta Regatta I fell in love!

I've never really actually spent this much on a planner, or notebook, or anything but I knew I had to have this. Since I haven't really bought something for myself (that I really use for school/organizing my crazy life) I thought why not splurge this once and see if I really love it! 

Have you bought yourself anything recently? 


  1. I have this planner for 2012 (: It's definitely worth the money. There is so much space to write assignments, meetings, events, and more for each day of the week. I always enjoy writing things down in it!

  2. Thank you for your kind words :) I'm glad we found each others blogs!

    Yay for new planners! Writing a list and crossing things off = best feeling ever! Plus, I completely agree with you on the 'You Gotta Regatta' print! It's just irresistible!

  3. I'm a huge fan of fun, cute planners. Love this one too!


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