Settling In

Airplanes - By: Local Natives

Coming back from a vacation is always hard. You have to adjust back to a "normal" schedule and then make sure that everything you missed when you left for vacation. 

Well, for this vacation, we left the day after exams finished, on mothers day after we had all finished visiting with our families. Needless to say we left on a crazy day/after a crazy week so settling back in is a little difficult. 

Yesterday I got the last amount of my actual things (read: not furniture) from our rental house and moved it back into my dads house. The last thing I need to do is grab my furniture and clean the house and then we're done! My room at my dads is CRAZY right now. It's so messy because I'm trying to figure out a place for everything. 

Then instead of going back to school/crazyness of exams I am going back to work (working 45ish hours a week -- until summer school). Then I go to summer school for a month. 

I cannot wait to get back into the swing of things and just hang out for a fullish three months - until Rush for my sorority goes into effect! 

What are your plans for the summer months? 

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