A [Not So] Long Distance Relationship

Warning: This is going to be a LONG post with LOTS of pictures !
L: July 2010; First picture we have after starting to date
2. August 2010; A best friends birthday -- forever silly pictures
Most people who know me, know that I'm in a (not so) long distance relationship. 

Now, I say a not so long distance because it's really not that long. Elliot lives an hour and a half away, but that's besides the point. 

We will have been dating for two years this coming July and for the entire time, he's been in a different city than me. 

L - Sept 2010; Yes, my hair is fire engine red (I loved it); America party for a friends birthday
R: October 2010; My first sorority formal
When we first started dating, it was the most difficult thing in the world. In the first few months, we learned a lot not only about ourselves but about the other person as well. 

L: November 2010; A college football game!
R: December 2010; First Christmas with my family!
My first semester I was in architecture, working about 80 hours a week on projects and school work and sorority things, just trying to get by. He was trying to fit in to the New Orleans lifestyle and living on his own, without anyone really close to him. Needless to say things were rocky. We saw each other once or twice a month, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a day. 

The next semester I dropped architecture (something I think about all the time -- but I'm glad I changed) and he came down two or three times a month. We were able to see each other a little bit more, but still not a lot. 

L: March 2011; My first theta formal.
R: May 2011; Just relaxing
He came home for Christmas and Summer. We had long conversations and spent as much time with each other while we could, after I worked 40 hours a week, of course! 

L: June 2011; Bonnaroo - we hadn't showered in three days, and didn't care.
R: June 2011: One of my best friends weddings where I was a bridesmaid and she was gorgeous
The beginning of this year, he started coming down almost every weekend, but I got a second job. So I work on the weekends. We saw each other every now and then, but still not as much as either of us would have liked. 

L: September 2011: A prom themed party -- "How It Should Have Been"
L: October 2011: Theta Grub!
This semester has been the best one so far. He comes down every weekend to work in his parents restaurant, and we see each other for at least six or seven hours. Since he stays in town, even if it's only for two hours, I get to see him Friday night and Saturday night and most of Sunday. 

Before this relationship, I would take other relationships for granted, whether it be friendships, family relationships or an actual relationship.

L: October 2011: Our trip to Disney World to visit our best friend -- it was his first time there
R: December 2011: A family event!
Somethings I've learned from this, that I wish I would have been told earlier: 
1. It's going to be hard at first, but y'all will be fine. 

2. Skype will be your best friend, especially when cell phone service doesn't work. 

3. Seeing him for two hours a weekend is a blessing and a curse. 

4. You're going to have to give, a lot, but it's worth it. He's worth it. 

5. The time you spend with him, during the summer and Christmas will be your most cherished memories. Realize this, and don't ever forget the little things. 

L: February 2012: An Arrested Development Themed Party
R: March 2012: Theta Formal
He recently transferred to my school, so he'll be moving in with two of our best friends and in the same city as me for a long time for the first time since we started dating. 

I couldn't be happier

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  1. Adorable. LDRs are a challenge and a blessing.


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