How to Have a Happy Finals Week

I'm still taking my finals and hopefully doing well, so I've decided to share my ways to have a good, happy finals week [I know, who would have thought you could have a happy finals week]. Start by getting all of the papers that you were assigned out of the way. Papers are awful, especially if you put them off until the last minute. Get them out the way so you can focus on the harder tests you have (like short answer, multiple choice and essay exams). 

Then take a few breaks. It's so important to take breaks every now and again because you need to give your brain a second to think and put everything into perspective. Go for a quick jog or give yourself 20 minutes or the internet between studying subjects. 

Keep focused. A lot of hard work goes a long way! Once you have your goals and you dedicate yourself to them you won't regret it. Don't let final grades slip at the end because you're getting lazy. 

Outline everything you need to do, whether it be to re-type a study guide or to make one of your own. Study guides and outlines help you a lot more than you think! 

Don't pull an all nighter, you need to sleep! Some people think that if they can stay up all night, they'll be fine and do perfectly well on the exams. Wrong. You will be SO much more awake the next day if you just take time out of your schedule and sleep!

Once you have everything done, reward yourself. Whether it be to go out with friends or stay inside and just nap, you deserve it after finals week.

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