En Route!

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of road trips! It just so happens that Elliot, Alexa, Kiki and I are driving to Disney World! So we've compiled a play list, figured out driving scheudles and even where we have to stop for snacks and breakfast! 

We're leaving/left Sunday (May 13th!) at around 6-7pm so we shoulddd get there just in time for check in and buying tickets and everything else to open! We'll stop at an iHop or something along the way and we'll split the driving shifts into three hour breaks.

Elliot got the first shift, I got the second, Kiki got the third and Alexa got the last one (since she worked at Disney for six months, we figure she can at least nagavagate our way into Orlando!). 

I could not be more excited for this trip! It came at the perfect/worst time but I could not be more thrilled to take such an amazing trip with some of my best friends! 

I've got some posts scheduled for while I'm gone and will totally update you when I get back! 

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