Disney World: Food Edition

I spent 6 full days in Disney World a week or so ago, and let me just tell you...it was SO much fun! My friends and I pretty much ate our ways through Disney. 

Now, we were on the Dining Plan so all of our food was paid for before we got there. We were on the Basic Dining Plan, and because we know a castmember (what they call their workers) we got it for $30 instead of $50. We could eat at any restaurant that took our dining plan and we took full advantage of this!

Being on the dining plan we were on we were allotted one table service meal (which includes an entree, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage), one quick service meal (entree, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage) and one snack per day!

The only pictures (from my phone) we could get from Sci Fi Diner -- Apple Crumble & Elliot

Monday: Sci-Fi Diner 
Tuesday: Yak and Yeti 
Wednesday: Tutto Italia 
Thursday: Chefs Des France
Friday: Akershus 
Saturday: 1900 Park Fare 

From Chefs Des France -- Lobster Bisque, beef in mushrooms and pearl onions & different types of ice cream (pear, peach and coconut!)
Y'all I cannot even explain how delicious all of the food we ate was! I wish I would have taken pictures of everything but being in Disney, I was so exhausted/hungry by the time we ate that 8 times out of 10 we  scarfed down everything we could.

We drank so much coke & sprite it was not even funny. Sadly enough, there was no Dr. Pepper but no worries, I drank my fair share when I got home!

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  1. That dining plan sounds awesome, and the food looks amazing.


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