What I'm Loving: Disney Edition (Part 1)

What I'm Loving: Disney Edition (Part 1)

With our trip to Disney World coming up soon, I've been looking into different outfits to bring with me. I need some things that are really easy to walk around in, while still looking alright. 

My favorite shorts to walk around in are Nike shorts just because of the material. I love the fun, bright, colors that they come in with as well! 

Then of course I need a few pairs of something that are a little nicer, for days when we go to a little nicer restaurants.

Shoes are possibly the hardest thing for me. I have really high arches but the way that I put the pressure on my feet causes me to walk as if I had flat feet...I know, odd. So for me, support is SO necessary. 

I chose the keds and nike running shoes just because I can put the support that I need in it. Flip flops for the days we're going to the water parks or riding rides that have water in them. 

And tank tops are a must. Y'all I live in South Louisiana and I know how hot it gets here. It is going to be twice that (sans all the humidity) in Florida. 

Any suggestions of other options to wear? What are your favorite things for the summer? 


  1. I LIVE in my Sanuk yoga mat sandals! And cotton/jersey foldover skirts from Old Navy!

  2. ohhhh i need outfit #3. now...i just need to start working out ;)

  3. I need some new work out gear as well. I love Lulu Lemon, but it's so pricey. thanks for the great ideas


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