Post-Spring Break

Loverboy - Everybody's Working for the Weekend

It's that Monday. The Monday after spring break (or for some a long holiday). We have 15 days of actual lecturing left, and then 6 days of exams....even though all six of my exams are crammed into four days (it's okay, they're only somewhat consecutive). 

This spring break I literally did as close to nothing as I could. I worked maybe about 47 hours (between two jobs), and just relaxed as much as I could. It was SO nice to have a break, but at the same time it is SUCH a teaser of what summer will be for me. 

Don't get me wrong, I signed up for a summer class (to attempt to graduate on time) but it's only a month long class, so it's not my entire summer. 

Now is the time that I have to start buckling down though. With only 15 actual lecture days left in the semester, things are going to start going by so quickly. I'll probably still be posting everyday (or as of lately Monday-Thursday) and I'll try and catch up on as many of the blogs I read. But the next few weeks are going to be veryy long for me. (Until DISNEY!)

Did you have a relaxing break? Or just a relaxing weekend? 

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  1. Love this song!

    I can't say my weekend was relaxing. More exhausting, but fun either way! Good luck in the final days of the semester!


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