Music of the Moment: Gotye

I don't know about y'all but this Gotye song has been stuck in my head easily for the last month. I don't know why. It really hasn't been on the radio, even though I haven't listened to the radio that much. 

Now, because of this song though, my roommate CAB and I always greet each other with 'You didn't have to CUT ME OFFFFF'. She's singing from the Glee version, and I from the normal version. 

Have y'all had any songs stuck in your head lately? 


  1. yes, it is definitely a contagious song. i also like " with eyes wide open". the black keys are always a favorite of mine, but i also like "too close" by alex clare. it's really good!

  2. Lovin this song right now! Also cute blog! Love that it has such a personal touch! :)


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