If You Like Pina Colads & Getting Caught in the Rain...

I don't know about where y'all live, but down here in Southern Louisiana the weather is pretty much unpredictable. Case in point? This past week when I was just getting out of class with my friend Jo, the weather was CRAZY. 

Now, I had to go to work and she had to go to class. It was just my Italian class I was getting out of so I only brought my book, a piece of paper and a pen to class. Because, let's face it I'm leaving one place and going back tot it after my one class. So I'm not going to tote my book-sack around. 

Anyways, I get out of class and it's pouring, not too bad but kinda bad. We decide to say, screw it, let's just run. Literally a minute after we walked out into the rain it starts to torrential downpour, hail and rain sideways....I'm not even kidding. It takes us about ten minutes to get from our classroom to where we were going to work/class. No shelter, and lightening struck two feet away from where we were running. 

In this picture above, this was my "good side". My back was 3xs as wet, and my shorts were soaked through and through. Thankfully Elliot was in town for his spring break and he was able to run and bring me clothes to change into while I was at work. 

With my wet clothes, I dryed them on a poster rack at work...not kidding.... 

Has this ever happened to you? 


  1. haha too funny - love hte photo

  2. My only concern is... tell me you had something to wear while you were drying your clothes at work! Or are you secretly a stripper?!? haha, totally kidding.
    Now that I finally realize where you are from (I'm kind of dumb sometimes) I expect a vlog of you talking with a cute southern twang. That is all.

  3. O, wow! that always seems to happen the second you think the rain isn't to bad to run out without the umbrella it starts to pour!


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