I Mean, I'll Try Anything Once

At first I was all like, this won't be too bad
So, hopefully, you can't tell but I have really horrible blackheads. Up until recently it wasn't too, too bad. But the second the sun came out from hiding during winter, BAM it hit me again.
Love that Louisiana humidity. It's just so peachy sometimes. 

Anyways, back to the moral of the story. Now, I'll try just about anything once. I don't really mind trying things, especially if it can cause my blackheads to go away. So I got these and hoped for the best. 

Y'all when I say these things freaking worked for me. THEY WORKED SO WELL. And yes, you should read that in a screaming voice in your head. 

But point of the story, now my boyfriend may get angry but let's face it. He's got really bad blackheads as well, so next thing was we tried them on him. Now because his are so deep seated,  because let's face it, he's a guy and he doesn't have the best hygien all the time. But it really worked on him as well! We're probably going to do another round of them just to see if they continue to work. 

But moral of the story. If you have really awful blackheads like me, you should try them. They work miracles. 

PS: I was really happy at first, then really concerned because they hardend so quickly and they got a lot harder than I thought they would....I had no clue what I was in for. 
And then I was like...oh crap


  1. Do this patches really work?? What brand do you use?
    I always clean my face twice a day with a special product for black heads (If tried a lot of them) and they work well but they don't remove them completely...



  2. I love those things! They work so well!

  3. I used to always use those - damn humidity - but yes, they really work. A little painful, but worth it!

  4. i used to use those all the time too :) btw, for some reason - i found this blog a little funny. haha.


  5. i used to use these things many years ago and they DO work! i cant find them in norway anymore (but i sure could use them)


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