Gifting for Girly Girls

With so many friends’ birthdays around the same time, it’s hard to find the perfect gift for every person. However, when shopping for a lot of my girl friends, you can most definitely there are five things that I go to for: perfumes, makeup palettes, nail polish, bath products, and makeup tools.

You have to be really careful when trying to pick out perfume because it’s a really personal thing. So instead of trying to pick one fragrance you think that she may like (unless you know she’s running short on one of her favorites), you can always buy a set of samples that she may like. If the girl your shopping for is looking to change up her look this year, she’ll surely love getting a bunch of sample products to try before buying a whole bottle!

Makeup Palettes are good because they can work for anyone, without their preferences. If you want to be super safe you can always go for a neutral colored shadows because they look great on everyone!

As for nail polish, it is usually a really safe gift for almost anyone. There are so many different options, but I feel like Essie, China Glaze or even a high quality shade would do someone very well!

I tend to feel the same way about bath products that I do about nail polishes. I’m obsessed with a store in our mall called Lush (they have perfect bath bombs). 

And lastly, but certainly not least, makeup brushes. I played with the idea of getting my 16 (turning 17 in July) year old sister a set of really nice make up brushes. There are good sets from Sephora or Mac that you can get that last for a very long time!


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  2. These are great gift ideas - especially the make-up brushes. I am dying for a set of good quality make-up brushes ... might have to drop some hints to the old friendlings:)


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