Disney World!

I adored all the Halloween touches! We went mid-October last year. 
Back in October, I went to Disney World with three of my best friends, and my boyfriend. I'm so excited to announce that I get to go back in 30 days! 

My friends and I are really awesome about planning last minute trips. Quite honestly, we are forever planning things last minute. So when three days ago I looked at my best friend Alexa, the girl in the middle, and asked if we wanted to go to Disney World this summer, she was all on board. 

Unfortunately, the two kids on the end Cab and Jeffrey, won't be coming with us. However, our friend Kiki will be able to come! It's her first time going to Disney and she is SO excited. We invited her to come with us and she literally ran around her house screaming 'I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD'. 

I cannot wait. We're leaving the night after our last finals. So we'll get a good nights sleep, pack, and go grocery shopping and then we'll be on our way! We drive through the night so there's less traffic, it's not as hot, and we get there bright and early and get to be the first ones in line to buy our passes. 

Y'all we're going for SIX DAYS. The last time we went we tried to fit all four parks into three days...yeah, three. Let's just say we were exhausted to no end and needed a break from our vacation. Since we'll be there for six days, during May, we've decided to go to the water parks as well. I can't wait because the last time I went (before our last trip) I was seven, and don't really remember all that much. 

Have you ever been to Disney World? What are your favorite rides/parks/restaurants?  


  1. ah i've never been and i feel like part of my childhood is missing, so jealous!

  2. Fun! My husband basically grew up there - he went twice a year since he was a baby. We ended up going on our honeymoon because we wanted to do something fun and interactive (plus, we grew up in a beach town, so we'd already done the beach thing). Too many suggestions to name, but definitely try as many restaurants in Epcot as you can!

  3. I LOVE Disney World! I have been 3 times in my life and it still isn't enough. I can't wait until my boys are old enough to go. I know it has probably changed in the past 13 years (the last time I was there) but I loved the Magic Kingdom.



  4. I went to Disneyland in October too! It was so fun and your picture totally took me back. So jealous!


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