Color of the Week: Royal Blue

Color of the Week: Royal Blue

My favorite color (or the color that I'm most in love with at that current moment in time) changes daily...Well maybe  not daily, but it definitely changes weekly.

I'll see a dress in a color that will hit the light the exact perfect way and I'll fall in love with that color. I have a truly fickle heart. 

So, when I was shopping for rush dresses this past weekend I found the PERFECT dress in this beautiful royal blue color. 

Now I'm really pale, so royal blue is one of those colors that I'm instantly drawn into. So if I could pair this dress, however I wanted, I would automatically pair it with a paire of nude/brown wedges. These by Michael Kors are absolutely perfect. And of course I topped it off with some pearls, my absolute favorite. 

What color are you loving this week?


  1. that dress is gorgeous! and i need those Michael Kors wedges in my life! xx

  2. royal blue is one of my favorite colors because you can really do no wrong with it. you can pair it with yellow, you can pair it with green, or you can pair it with just is such a versatile color in any piece you buy it!

  3. Tell me you bought a dress in that color....


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