Childish Gambino: Camp

Y'all I cannot even express the amount of love that I have for this song. Now, it's not something I would normally listen to, but I'm in love with Gambino. He's SO talented and the lyrics aren't like those of present day 'rappers/hip hop artists'. 

The Album that he [Childish Gambino] put out, somewhat recently, is called Camp. It's one of those rap songs that just gets stuck in my head every so often. 

It doesn't really help that Elliot has been playing this in the car straight, only altering musical choices for Kayne and Jay Z recently. 

What's been stuck in your head recently? Any albums you've fallen in love with? 


  1. Ok i admit it, embarrassingly obsessed with Call Me Maybe - there, I said it

  2. Heyyyy! This has nothing to do with an album, but I was an anthropology minor! And you are precious. I'm so glad you found me!


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