Color of the Week: Royal Blue

Color of the Week: Royal Blue

My favorite color (or the color that I'm most in love with at that current moment in time) changes daily...Well maybe  not daily, but it definitely changes weekly.

I'll see a dress in a color that will hit the light the exact perfect way and I'll fall in love with that color. I have a truly fickle heart. 

So, when I was shopping for rush dresses this past weekend I found the PERFECT dress in this beautiful royal blue color. 

Now I'm really pale, so royal blue is one of those colors that I'm instantly drawn into. So if I could pair this dress, however I wanted, I would automatically pair it with a paire of nude/brown wedges. These by Michael Kors are absolutely perfect. And of course I topped it off with some pearls, my absolute favorite. 

What color are you loving this week?

What I'm Loving: Disney Edition (Part 2)

What I'm Loving: Disney Edition (Part 2)

While having something practical to wear when going to Disney is really important, what's also important to me is having something nice/niceish to wear when we go to fancy resturants! We signed up for the Disney Dining Plan so some of the resturants that we'll be going to require a bit more than just our shorts and tank tops! 

If I could bring any dresses to wear, these would be the ones that I choose! 

Give Me A Second....

As the title says, please just give me a second to explain my life as of right now. 

This post may not be really put together, so forgive me for that! I'm a sophomore, by years, but junior, by hours, in college right now. Final exams begin in two weeks, but before I can even think about it, I have an exam today, an exam tomorrow and an italian oral presentation on Monday.

This is not to mention going to all my classes and work and studying for finals (maybe). So right now, instead of boring you with the details of  Macbeth, Italian double pronouns, negative pronouns and whatever else we're learning, chemistry dealings with the water systems, writing an english paper on the dealings of tenure in colleges and what my stance on it is, and a world ethnography on African immigrants in New York City, I'm going to leave you with a song that has been stuck in my head for the last three days. 

So I leave you with this song, because music has been on my mind for a while now. It brings me back to 15, with the first 'real' boyfriend I ever had which makes me so grateful for the relationship that I have now.

PS: Promise I'll be back to normal after exams (and Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

What I'm Loving: Disney Edition (Part 1)

What I'm Loving: Disney Edition (Part 1)

With our trip to Disney World coming up soon, I've been looking into different outfits to bring with me. I need some things that are really easy to walk around in, while still looking alright. 

My favorite shorts to walk around in are Nike shorts just because of the material. I love the fun, bright, colors that they come in with as well! 

Then of course I need a few pairs of something that are a little nicer, for days when we go to a little nicer restaurants.

Shoes are possibly the hardest thing for me. I have really high arches but the way that I put the pressure on my feet causes me to walk as if I had flat feet...I know, odd. So for me, support is SO necessary. 

I chose the keds and nike running shoes just because I can put the support that I need in it. Flip flops for the days we're going to the water parks or riding rides that have water in them. 

And tank tops are a must. Y'all I live in South Louisiana and I know how hot it gets here. It is going to be twice that (sans all the humidity) in Florida. 

Any suggestions of other options to wear? What are your favorite things for the summer? 

I Mean, I'll Try Anything Once

At first I was all like, this won't be too bad
So, hopefully, you can't tell but I have really horrible blackheads. Up until recently it wasn't too, too bad. But the second the sun came out from hiding during winter, BAM it hit me again.
Love that Louisiana humidity. It's just so peachy sometimes. 

Anyways, back to the moral of the story. Now, I'll try just about anything once. I don't really mind trying things, especially if it can cause my blackheads to go away. So I got these and hoped for the best. 

Y'all when I say these things freaking worked for me. THEY WORKED SO WELL. And yes, you should read that in a screaming voice in your head. 

But point of the story, now my boyfriend may get angry but let's face it. He's got really bad blackheads as well, so next thing was we tried them on him. Now because his are so deep seated,  because let's face it, he's a guy and he doesn't have the best hygien all the time. But it really worked on him as well! We're probably going to do another round of them just to see if they continue to work. 

But moral of the story. If you have really awful blackheads like me, you should try them. They work miracles. 

PS: I was really happy at first, then really concerned because they hardend so quickly and they got a lot harder than I thought they would....I had no clue what I was in for. 
And then I was like...oh crap

Fill In the Blank Friday!

I decided to participate in Flill in the Blank Friday again! So here are my answers to this weeks questions/blanks/thingies!

1.  Today is a great day because,   I spent time with a dear friend, discussing Disney!

2.   Tomorrow I will   see my boyfriend for the first time in a week! I cannot wait for this whole long distance thing to be over..

3.  My favorite time of day is     the afternoon       because     for me, it's just the perfect time  .

4. Sometimes you just have to    relax and take a break, even when you feel like that's the last thing on your mind .

5. A song that I just can't get enough of lately is   "Call Me Maybe" by Carley Rae Jepsen.

6. My favorite accessory is   my pearl earrings.

7.  My favorite thing about this week was   having a class canceled twice. It was awesome .

Childish Gambino: Camp

Y'all I cannot even express the amount of love that I have for this song. Now, it's not something I would normally listen to, but I'm in love with Gambino. He's SO talented and the lyrics aren't like those of present day 'rappers/hip hop artists'. 

The Album that he [Childish Gambino] put out, somewhat recently, is called Camp. It's one of those rap songs that just gets stuck in my head every so often. 

It doesn't really help that Elliot has been playing this in the car straight, only altering musical choices for Kayne and Jay Z recently. 

What's been stuck in your head recently? Any albums you've fallen in love with? 

A Big Ball of Emotions

Y'all I don't even think I can begin to explain to you the big ball of emotions that I am right now. And I could not tell you why, well I could (but that would be too much information). 

Lately, just thinking about growing up, getting a real job and getting married (no, I'm not planning on it anytime soon) scares the living crud out of me. Why? I'm not sure. 

Have you ever seen this video? 

Well, I assume you have. And if you haven't you should totally watch it. 

But anyways, point being. I'm exactly like Kristen. If I'm not anywhere between a 4-7 I'm crying. I cry if I'm really happy about things or really sad about things. It just happens. And with finals swiftly approaching, the lack of sleep and real food has definitely not helped my case. 

Finals Week Fashion

Finals Week Fashion


When it comes down to finals week (3 weeks!) my routine of getting dressed goes down hill pretty quickly. Lack of sleep plus intense studying can sometimes get the best of me, so more than ever it's at this time that I try lay out my clothes that I'm going to wear for the next day. 

Nine times out of ten you can catch me in something like this, with a sweatshirt over it. Now, in Louisiana it's freaking hot all the time. However once summer rolls around they lower the temperature in all of the classrooms to about -30. I wish I was kidding. 

One of my favorite places to study is the fourth floor of the library because it's a no talking zone. This is really awesome but at the same time really awful. Why, you may ask? Because as you go up the floors in the library, the colder it gets. It's NOT fun. 

Are you always in layers, like me? 

Finals Week Fashion

Post-Spring Break

Loverboy - Everybody's Working for the Weekend

It's that Monday. The Monday after spring break (or for some a long holiday). We have 15 days of actual lecturing left, and then 6 days of exams....even though all six of my exams are crammed into four days (it's okay, they're only somewhat consecutive). 

This spring break I literally did as close to nothing as I could. I worked maybe about 47 hours (between two jobs), and just relaxed as much as I could. It was SO nice to have a break, but at the same time it is SUCH a teaser of what summer will be for me. 

Don't get me wrong, I signed up for a summer class (to attempt to graduate on time) but it's only a month long class, so it's not my entire summer. 

Now is the time that I have to start buckling down though. With only 15 actual lecture days left in the semester, things are going to start going by so quickly. I'll probably still be posting everyday (or as of lately Monday-Thursday) and I'll try and catch up on as many of the blogs I read. But the next few weeks are going to be veryy long for me. (Until DISNEY!)

Did you have a relaxing break? Or just a relaxing weekend? 

Disney World!

I adored all the Halloween touches! We went mid-October last year. 
Back in October, I went to Disney World with three of my best friends, and my boyfriend. I'm so excited to announce that I get to go back in 30 days! 

My friends and I are really awesome about planning last minute trips. Quite honestly, we are forever planning things last minute. So when three days ago I looked at my best friend Alexa, the girl in the middle, and asked if we wanted to go to Disney World this summer, she was all on board. 

Unfortunately, the two kids on the end Cab and Jeffrey, won't be coming with us. However, our friend Kiki will be able to come! It's her first time going to Disney and she is SO excited. We invited her to come with us and she literally ran around her house screaming 'I'M GOING TO DISNEY WORLD'. 

I cannot wait. We're leaving the night after our last finals. So we'll get a good nights sleep, pack, and go grocery shopping and then we'll be on our way! We drive through the night so there's less traffic, it's not as hot, and we get there bright and early and get to be the first ones in line to buy our passes. 

Y'all we're going for SIX DAYS. The last time we went we tried to fit all four parks into three days...yeah, three. Let's just say we were exhausted to no end and needed a break from our vacation. Since we'll be there for six days, during May, we've decided to go to the water parks as well. I can't wait because the last time I went (before our last trip) I was seven, and don't really remember all that much. 

Have you ever been to Disney World? What are your favorite rides/parks/restaurants?  

What I'm Loving: Orange, Black & White

Orange, Black & White


While when I first put this look together my immediate thoughts went to Halloween, I cannot help but fall  in love with this blouse. I feel like this could be one of my statement pieces, something I could really wear everyday! 

Plus, with a hint of neon colors, I feel  like it really does bring springtime/summertime into my closet. Lord knows I can't afford any of these things, being a college student but I can look for items very similar to this! 

What colors are you loving for spring and summer? Would you/have  you worn neon colors?

Happy Birthday to My Mom & My Boyfriend

I was blessed, or cursed (depending how you look at it) to have two of my favorite people's birthday on the same day. My boyfriend, Elliot, and my mom. They both hold two very special places in my heart, and while I'm not able to be with Elliot, I will be able to spend time with my mom tonight. 

Currently, she's redoing her house so I plan on going help move boxes and furniture. It should be interesting, but I don't mind helping one bit. Elliot's at school right now, but luckily I'll see him this weekend! We'll be popping by the French Quarter Festival on Sunday and spending all day in New Orleans, where I'm getting my moms present! I cannot wait!

I've learned a lot from both Elliot and my mom in the short time I spend with them. It's nice to be able to spend time with Elliot when he comes in on the weekends, and with my mom when we're both not bogged down with crazy work. 

I couldn't find a picture of my mom on this computer, but will try and find one later. So with that I leave you with two pictures of Elliot. 

Happy 20th Birthday, love. And Happy 30th (again) Birthday, Mom. I love you both!

Music of the Moment: Gotye

I don't know about y'all but this Gotye song has been stuck in my head easily for the last month. I don't know why. It really hasn't been on the radio, even though I haven't listened to the radio that much. 

Now, because of this song though, my roommate CAB and I always greet each other with 'You didn't have to CUT ME OFFFFF'. She's singing from the Glee version, and I from the normal version. 

Have y'all had any songs stuck in your head lately? 

If You Like Pina Colads & Getting Caught in the Rain...

I don't know about where y'all live, but down here in Southern Louisiana the weather is pretty much unpredictable. Case in point? This past week when I was just getting out of class with my friend Jo, the weather was CRAZY. 

Now, I had to go to work and she had to go to class. It was just my Italian class I was getting out of so I only brought my book, a piece of paper and a pen to class. Because, let's face it I'm leaving one place and going back tot it after my one class. So I'm not going to tote my book-sack around. 

Anyways, I get out of class and it's pouring, not too bad but kinda bad. We decide to say, screw it, let's just run. Literally a minute after we walked out into the rain it starts to torrential downpour, hail and rain sideways....I'm not even kidding. It takes us about ten minutes to get from our classroom to where we were going to work/class. No shelter, and lightening struck two feet away from where we were running. 

In this picture above, this was my "good side". My back was 3xs as wet, and my shorts were soaked through and through. Thankfully Elliot was in town for his spring break and he was able to run and bring me clothes to change into while I was at work. 

With my wet clothes, I dryed them on a poster rack at work...not kidding.... 

Has this ever happened to you? 

Alternatives to Flip Flops!

Alternatives to Flip Flops!


During the summer time, down here in Louisiana, it's really hot. This means that I don't like to be wearing shoes that can either a. slip off my feet easily or b. constrict my feet too much. So this means 9 times out of 10 I'll probably be wearing flip flops. I own a few pairs (one for the shower in the sorority house, I will most certainly keep these) and so the next few weeks I'm going to try and buy a few more pairs of nicer (more stylish) shoes to wear! 

I'll be looking for designs with pretty embellishments, casual sneakers (maybe even a pair of converse?), sandals with toe straps, ankle straps or ballet flats! So for now, I'm going to go look for (and buy) another pair of sperry's, Ked's, a pair of toms and some cute sandals!

Gifting for Girly Girls

With so many friends’ birthdays around the same time, it’s hard to find the perfect gift for every person. However, when shopping for a lot of my girl friends, you can most definitely there are five things that I go to for: perfumes, makeup palettes, nail polish, bath products, and makeup tools.

You have to be really careful when trying to pick out perfume because it’s a really personal thing. So instead of trying to pick one fragrance you think that she may like (unless you know she’s running short on one of her favorites), you can always buy a set of samples that she may like. If the girl your shopping for is looking to change up her look this year, she’ll surely love getting a bunch of sample products to try before buying a whole bottle!

Makeup Palettes are good because they can work for anyone, without their preferences. If you want to be super safe you can always go for a neutral colored shadows because they look great on everyone!

As for nail polish, it is usually a really safe gift for almost anyone. There are so many different options, but I feel like Essie, China Glaze or even a high quality shade would do someone very well!

I tend to feel the same way about bath products that I do about nail polishes. I’m obsessed with a store in our mall called Lush (they have perfect bath bombs). 

And lastly, but certainly not least, makeup brushes. I played with the idea of getting my 16 (turning 17 in July) year old sister a set of really nice make up brushes. There are good sets from Sephora or Mac that you can get that last for a very long time!

Seersucker Dreams

Seersucker Dreams


This week is going to be one of my busier weeks since spring break draws so near. I'll have some posts scheduled but won't be around too, too much! 

As I conquer this week, I look to something fun and easy to throw on for this Friday and for Spring Break and came across these shorts. I knew immediately I wanted to try and plan an outfit around them and this is what I came up with! 

Even though I'll be working almost 50 hours over Spring Break, I figured this would be my dream outfit if I were able to go somewhere!

Do you have any plans for Spring Break? Or did you already go on Spring Break? 

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