World, Meet Louie!

My momma's dog, Girl (yes, that was her name), passed away not to long ago -- maybe a few months at the least. She was a pure bred black lab that someone had gotten for a hunting dog. She wasn't the smartest dog (but she was bright) when it came to hunting, and so the owner mistreated her badly. When my momma and step-dad got her, she was a pitiful wreck. After a decent amount of time she became my step-dads dog (my mom's more of a cat person). So when she passed, my momma & step-dad were going to wait and get another dog for about a year. Then Louie came along. 

Louie is a pure bred golden retriever (he's got papers and everything!). My mom and step-dad went and picked him up a little while ago. He's three years old and a hot mess. Example: he jumped into our pool (which is nasty green right now) and then couldn't figure out how to get out....Anyways, he belonged to a graduate student at LSU who didn't have the time to take care of him anymore. My step-dad fell in love immediately. He's definitely going to have to go to obedience school, but he'll learn!

PS: I'm in love with him.


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