What I've Been Watching: Downton Abbey & Parks and Recreation


Recently I've been watching a lot of television (online of course). It's been a filler for me while I do some schoolwork and calean my room (and cook dinner). The two shws I've watched in teh alst two weeks, not even kidding, have been Parks and Recreation (Seasons 1-3) and Downtown Abbey (seasons 1-2). 

They're both realy differnent from each other but both are really good! 

Parks and Recreation is a show about a Parks Department and the different situations that we go through. I love Amy Pohler so much, and this show definitley does her justice. 

Downton Abbey is also AMAZING. It's more of a period peice, but being a history major I absotleuly aodre it! They recently had the second season on PBS online, but they took it off on March 6th. I finished both seasons one and two in two days. That's how much I love it. 

What shows have you been watching recently? 


  1. I love Downton Abbey! By the way, I commented on your desk post that it made me want to update my home office, and it really did. I've been thinking about it for awhile, and I finally started making some changes to it. I just did a blog post about it. :)

  2. I watched all of Downton in 2 days also! It's SO good, and highly addicting (even for a period drama).

  3. I really enjoy Downtown Abbey as well...it's taken everything in me to make Season 1 last a week, being that I only have access to the 1st Season right now.
    If you haven't already, check out the videos of "Uptown Downstairs Abbey"- so funny!
    ...I've just discovered your blog, but love it so far! :)

  4. Two of my most favorite shows in all of the land, forever and ever, amen. I'm so sad both are on hiatus right now... although P&R only until April. I finished Downton in only a few days too, along with a friend. I am so hooked and just hope I make it waiting til September!


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