What I'm Loving: Orange, Black & White

Orange, Black & White


While when I first put this look together my immediate thoughts went to Halloween, I cannot help but fall  in love with this blouse. I feel like this could be one of my statement pieces, something I could really wear everyday! 

Plus, with a hint of neon colors, I feel  like it really does bring springtime/summertime into my closet. Lord knows I can't afford any of these things, being a college student but I can look for items very similar to this! 

What colors are you loving for spring and summer? Would you/have  you worn neon colors?

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  1. This outfit is so cute! I love it! I have worn neons and find that it's such a fun way to stand out. I am LOVING coral for the spring, it's my absolute fave! Nice blog:)

    XO Kelley


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