Let's Be Real: College Wardrobe

I've mentioned before that I'm not an early morning person and that I plan out my outfits in the morning. But let's get real. I'm a sophomore in college and I do not have a "real world" job that I have to go to. What does this have to do with anything, you may ask? I do my hair and put on makeup to go to class, nine times out of ten I look like this: 

I've got on a Large t-shirt (it's the most comfortable) and yoga pants. Because I'm not in courses that require me to wear business attire or even dress up a little bit, it's more important for me to be very comfortable, more so than looking perfect on a college campus. Now, if I'm going somewhere that night I'll definitely change and on the weekends I always dress up. However, soon enough I'll be trying to dress up more for school, once I expand my wardrobe a little bit!


  1. still my favorite thing to wear, so much for graduating and "Growing up"

  2. Dude, that's been my wardrobe for the last week. Yay sickie!
    And I still only wear jeans to work. Teaching here is so laid back - I could probably wear sweats if I really wanted to (I'd just get weird looks because in Germany it's pretty much not culturally acceptable to leave the house in sweats).

  3. this makes me miss college. alot.

  4. Haha I'm the exact opposite! I dress fairly nicely for class and like this on the weekends. Though I have an internship or job 3/5 days and those usually require more business casual. On T/Th when I have class it's usually jeans and a comfortable top (I swear AE jeggings too comfy for words).

    PS Are you in Kappa Alpha Theta?!

  5. Maria,
    this definitely made me giggle. I definitely remember the days (usually fridays) when I'd wake up with a pounding head at 9:00 am and have to be in class by 9:30. I'd give myself credit for going, even if I wasn't all that put together.


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