Let Love Grow

More often than not I'll over think things. Some days will be constant questioning, even to the point where I'll stay up insanely late at night just thinking and asking "what if" questions. 

I started dating my boyfriend Elliot in July of 2010 (it feels so weird to see that date! -- getting close to two years). We're both shy, and if it weren't for our friends we probably would have either a. never started dating or b. just started dating a few months ago (I may over exaggerate a little bit). 

Whenever I think back to that summer, memories come like a flood. The friends I spent so much time with and the time we spent together I'll always cherish. You could say that this song was the theme song of that summer (for me, at least). 

To me, it's about stopping myself from over thinking, to jump into things and love with all my heart. Putting so much effort into a relationship can be so overwhelming at times, yet it can be the most rewarding thing ever. 


  1. I love this post!!!
    Love is a good thing. :)

  2. Crazy how time flies - and even crazier to think about how if one thing hadn't happened, like your awesome friends, you may not be together now. Amazing how special people come into our lives!


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