I'm an avid Mac user. I switched from PC to Mac after my senior year in high school! I was lucky enough to go to a high school where we used laptops for everyday class use and homework. I initially made the switch because I was going into Architecture and having a Mac was better for the programs we would be using later on. 

Well it ended up that Architecture was not for me, but I still had the Mac computer. I've learned to LOVE my Mac, except for sometimes finding programs fore "everyday use". One thing that took me a while to find was a file converter (one that could unzip my files). Then I stumbled upon Zipeg. I love it, and it helps that the mascot is a sheep (it's adorable). 

So the other day, I updated it and it asked me if I wanted to donate money. I said no and this graphic popped up: 

I couldn't help but giggle.


  1. their marketing person should get a raise! So funny!

  2. cute!!!


  3. Aw this is cute. I'll have to look at this. I'm actually a total PC girl! Haha But I can go back and forth.


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