Not my birchbox! 1
Y'all I'm SO excited that I finally bit the bullet and decided to get Birchbox! I cannot wait to see what's in my frist box and cannot wait to share it with you! Birchbox describes their services as: Birchbox sends you monthly deliveries of high-end beauty samples to help you discover products you'll love.

If you want a subscription to Birchbox, just click here to sign up!

Do any of y'all have birchbox? If so, what do you like/hate about it!
Or if you don't have it, would you sign up for it?


  1. Just signed up :) I'm excited about it. I just made a blog post about it, I'm so excited. lol- thanks for sharing!

    Eat Cake

  2. Nope but very intriguing, I always read about it on capitol Hill style.

  3. that is so cool! i'm going to look into it :)

  4. Ooh.. Sounds very interesting!! I've been looking for the perfect coral lipstick shade.



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