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Every now and then when I have a slightly off day, I go to a folder on my computer labeled "Pretty Things". In this folder, I have a plethora of things that make me happy or smile when I may not be in the greatest mood. So today, I've decided to share a few of those photos with you! 

Now, I've had these pictures in that folder for a long time. So I'm not exactly sure where each image is from. If you know/it's from you and you want credit, let me know! 

Where do you go on a bad day? 


  1. Those elephant hangings would be SO cute in my lil' lady bean's nursery!

  2. I love the elephants! Such a great idea ... And amen to the old people sitting alone. I just want to go over and hug them and make them less lonely, even if it's only a bit.


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