Not my birchbox! 1
Y'all I'm SO excited that I finally bit the bullet and decided to get Birchbox! I cannot wait to see what's in my frist box and cannot wait to share it with you! Birchbox describes their services as: Birchbox sends you monthly deliveries of high-end beauty samples to help you discover products you'll love.

If you want a subscription to Birchbox, just click here to sign up!

Do any of y'all have birchbox? If so, what do you like/hate about it!
Or if you don't have it, would you sign up for it?

Be Not Afraid


Sometimes, I let little things slip by in my life for fear.

 Fear of going places by myself

Fear of heights

Fear of being alone

Sometimes, it can get the best of me. I can become so overwhelmed with the fear of something that sometimes it'll keep me from doing whatever it was I was going to do.

My friends understand these fears, and lovingly try to push me out of my comfort zone. And guess what? The more and more they slightly nudge me, the more confident I become.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still fearful of these things but it's becoming easier and easier for me to cope with them.

What about you? What are some of your fears?

What I'm Loving: Favorite Skirt



Currently, as spring comes upon us, I'm looking for really casual things to just throw on and go. I found this skirt and absolutely loved it, then found the flats and fell in love with those. I feel like the mix of light and dark colors is going to be something I'll play with as summer and spring come. 

What colors are you loving for this season?

This Weekend Revisted

This weekend was an interesting weekend, to say the least. Friday was spent working and then family dinner and coffee, finally ending with a trip to the theaters to see The Hunger Games with my dad, little sister and boyfriend. (I'll include a review at the end, as not to spoil anything for y'all!)

Then Saturday was spent working an eight hour shift and spending time with my dad. Towards the end of the night I headed to Elliot's parent's restaurant to visit with his family...but I made it there and had a slight breakdown. Oh, hormones. Elliot took off work and made sure I got home safe and sound. Such a good boyfriend. 

Sunday! Possibly my most trying day. We had Spring Recruitment Workshop today. While I love spending time with my sorority sisters, and actually don't really mind recruitment it was just a loonnnggg day today. After Workshop, I had a committee meeting and then finally got to go home to start working on laundry and homework. 

If you do not want to read any possible spoilers, then do not continue reading!

Y'all can I tell you how much I loved this movie? Though, I would probably have been really confused if I hadn't read the books. 

I think they did a really good job (even though I hated the camera movement) with showing the gore, without actually showing it. I feel like they would have lost a LOT of their following if they had shown the gore and received an R-rating. 

Quite honestly, it's been a while since I've read the books. My memory was a little fuzzy trying to remember exact details but I think they did a really great job over all. 

I really enjoyed the scenes they added in with President Snow and the game makers. I thought that was actually pretty genius!

Any thoughts/comments/concerns? How was your weekend?

I linked up today with Alyx from Every Day is a New Adventure!

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Fill in the Blank Friday!

Once again, I've decided to participate in Fill in the Blank Friday! So, the questions for today are all about color! 1. My favorite color is: blue 2. My home decor pallet includes: blue, grey and white! 3. Other people always tell me I look good in: blue! It's probably because of my fair skin and blue eyes :) 4. The color I detest is: yellow. It literally makes me look ill. 5. If you were to look in my closet the most color you would see is: I have no clue. Probably black or darker colors. It's been a while since I've been shopping for new clothes. 6. A color I simply cannot pull off no matter how hard I try is: yellow. 7. The color of my favorite dress is: red. It's so pretty and flowy and beautiful.

St. Patrick's Day!

Happy (Belated) St. Patrick's Day! I like many others in Baton Rouge celebrated St. Patrick's Day at the parade that goes through town, near our college. My boyfriend's parent's own a restaurant right on the parade route, so we woke up early in the morning and walked to the restaurant. They had it blocked off the night before, as to reserve the parking and his mom & her friends even cooked us breakfast. 

We watched the parade roll by, and enjoyed watching the parade-goers make a fool of themselves (no worries, we did as well). Then after the parade we went back inside and Elliot's dad cooked a very cajun dish for us for lunch!

Overall I had an amazing time that morning. At about 2pm, we walked back to my house and got ready for my sorority's formal (more on that later).  With that, I leave you with this gem. 

What did you do for St. Patricks Day?

Yes, I did indeed get sunburnt. I have VERY fair skin. 

What I'm Loving: Mint & Brown

What I'm Loving - browns & mint


Lately as spring comes around the corner, I'm loving adding lighter spring colors to my wardrobe. Currently, I'm lusting after these few items. The mint green is one of my current favorites. If I could come up with an outfit using browns and greens this is what I would wear (if I had unlimited money, of course). 

I may end up doing a weekly "What I'm Loving" segment, depending on how much shopping/lusting after I will be doing to procrastinate from my studies! Let me know if you like it!

What colors are you loving for the spring?

What I've Been Watching: Downton Abbey & Parks and Recreation


Recently I've been watching a lot of television (online of course). It's been a filler for me while I do some schoolwork and calean my room (and cook dinner). The two shws I've watched in teh alst two weeks, not even kidding, have been Parks and Recreation (Seasons 1-3) and Downtown Abbey (seasons 1-2). 

They're both realy differnent from each other but both are really good! 

Parks and Recreation is a show about a Parks Department and the different situations that we go through. I love Amy Pohler so much, and this show definitley does her justice. 

Downton Abbey is also AMAZING. It's more of a period peice, but being a history major I absotleuly aodre it! They recently had the second season on PBS online, but they took it off on March 6th. I finished both seasons one and two in two days. That's how much I love it. 

What shows have you been watching recently? 

Let Love Grow

More often than not I'll over think things. Some days will be constant questioning, even to the point where I'll stay up insanely late at night just thinking and asking "what if" questions. 

I started dating my boyfriend Elliot in July of 2010 (it feels so weird to see that date! -- getting close to two years). We're both shy, and if it weren't for our friends we probably would have either a. never started dating or b. just started dating a few months ago (I may over exaggerate a little bit). 

Whenever I think back to that summer, memories come like a flood. The friends I spent so much time with and the time we spent together I'll always cherish. You could say that this song was the theme song of that summer (for me, at least). 

To me, it's about stopping myself from over thinking, to jump into things and love with all my heart. Putting so much effort into a relationship can be so overwhelming at times, yet it can be the most rewarding thing ever. 

Masquerade Madness

It's not every weekend that my friends and I get together. Many of us work one, or two jobs, have a ton of studying to do, or live out of town. This past weekend, I'm happy to say, we were all able to get together to celebrate a friends 23rd birthday. So, what do we do? Act like complete fools of course. 

My beautiful friend Kiki and the birthday boy!
The theme of the party was Masquarade Madness, complete with Phantom of the Opera playing in the background (as well as some 80s and 90s music as the night went on). 

So, here are a few pictures from a friends brilliant birthday party.

Have you been to any really great parties lately?


Do you ever just reach a point where you start thinking about everything coming up in life, whether it be next week or in two years and just have a full fledged panic attack? 

Well, I just had one of those moments the other night. I was sitting, studying for my three tests on Thursday and a song came on called Colly Strings. It's my roommate/best friends favorite song, well one of them. It brought me back to summers where we would just drive around town without a care in the world and just sing awful songs on the top of our lungs. 

It took me back for a second to think about everything. In a year, she'll be going to graduate school (probably not anywhere near me) and I'll still be here in school. 

Then the year after that, two years from now, I'll be graduating and (hopefully) going to grad school somewhere other than here. 

It made me stop and think about my family, and just how much they really mean to me. It makes me so sad to think I won't be in arms reach of my momma and daddy. Yes, I'm 19 years old and still call them that. 

Sometimes, things can just take you back and then make you think about the future. 

Maybe it's just the stress of not having slept in a while, or what  not.

I leave you with a picture of my roommate and I, from this past weekend.

I'm an avid Mac user. I switched from PC to Mac after my senior year in high school! I was lucky enough to go to a high school where we used laptops for everyday class use and homework. I initially made the switch because I was going into Architecture and having a Mac was better for the programs we would be using later on. 

Well it ended up that Architecture was not for me, but I still had the Mac computer. I've learned to LOVE my Mac, except for sometimes finding programs fore "everyday use". One thing that took me a while to find was a file converter (one that could unzip my files). Then I stumbled upon Zipeg. I love it, and it helps that the mascot is a sheep (it's adorable). 

So the other day, I updated it and it asked me if I wanted to donate money. I said no and this graphic popped up: 

I couldn't help but giggle.

Around the Web

Every now and then when I have a slightly off day, I go to a folder on my computer labeled "Pretty Things". In this folder, I have a plethora of things that make me happy or smile when I may not be in the greatest mood. So today, I've decided to share a few of those photos with you! 

Now, I've had these pictures in that folder for a long time. So I'm not exactly sure where each image is from. If you know/it's from you and you want credit, let me know! 

Where do you go on a bad day? 

World, Meet Louie!

My momma's dog, Girl (yes, that was her name), passed away not to long ago -- maybe a few months at the least. She was a pure bred black lab that someone had gotten for a hunting dog. She wasn't the smartest dog (but she was bright) when it came to hunting, and so the owner mistreated her badly. When my momma and step-dad got her, she was a pitiful wreck. After a decent amount of time she became my step-dads dog (my mom's more of a cat person). So when she passed, my momma & step-dad were going to wait and get another dog for about a year. Then Louie came along. 

Louie is a pure bred golden retriever (he's got papers and everything!). My mom and step-dad went and picked him up a little while ago. He's three years old and a hot mess. Example: he jumped into our pool (which is nasty green right now) and then couldn't figure out how to get out....Anyways, he belonged to a graduate student at LSU who didn't have the time to take care of him anymore. My step-dad fell in love immediately. He's definitely going to have to go to obedience school, but he'll learn!

PS: I'm in love with him.


It's not often that I actually want to sit at my desk and do homework. Let's be real, it's not that pretty (we leave at the end of May!!!!!!). My desk at home has so much more character and is so much more beautiful. But today was one of those days where i just sat (after cleaning off my desk) and enjoyed a cup of tea. 

Study Break

Hey y'all. I'm taking a study break to beg y'all to watch this. 

I was first introduced to Invisible Children my freshman year of high school, about five years ago (now), by one of my favorite religion teachers. This has been something that the community of LSU and SJA both felt strongly about helping. 

I know it's kind of long, but it's really important.

Spread awareness. 

PS: Parts may or may not have made me cry like a baby. 

Eating in Season!

For lent, I gave up all fatty foods, this includes fast food, junk food, deserts, coke and premade dinners. SO this has resulted in me buying a lot more groceries/veggies (which can get pretty expensive on a college budget). I was stumbling around pinterest the other day and found this nifty little chart about buying foods and eating veggies in season: 

I don't know if you've seen this before, but for me it's helped to cut down spending on groceries! What about you? Do you try and eat foods in season? 

Goodness Gracious

This week is my midterm week, so I apologize ahead of time for me really not being here on the blog! I'll try and respond to all emails I get as soon as I can, but alas school comes first. 

Hopefully I won't end up like this again: 

And speaking of education: 

One of the daily emails that I get is from a website called Inside Higher Education. Because graduate school is the route I'm going to take once I graduate (two more years!), I try to stay up to date with all the going on's, and any updates that may make. 

Recently, one of the emails that I received had some information about the GRE on it, so out of curiosity I clicked to see what it was about. Apparently more and more people are taking the GRE. This is SO nerve wracking for me because I want to go to a really competitive graduate school (but more on that later). 

They say that "test-taking in other countries was up by nearly 25%". OH My GOSH. This has me a little worried, but then again I kind of expected it. Graduate school becomes a more and more popular option as the economy decreases.

Any words to the wise about getting into and apply to graduate school? I'll take all the help I can get!

Let's Be Real: College Wardrobe

I've mentioned before that I'm not an early morning person and that I plan out my outfits in the morning. But let's get real. I'm a sophomore in college and I do not have a "real world" job that I have to go to. What does this have to do with anything, you may ask? I do my hair and put on makeup to go to class, nine times out of ten I look like this: 

I've got on a Large t-shirt (it's the most comfortable) and yoga pants. Because I'm not in courses that require me to wear business attire or even dress up a little bit, it's more important for me to be very comfortable, more so than looking perfect on a college campus. Now, if I'm going somewhere that night I'll definitely change and on the weekends I always dress up. However, soon enough I'll be trying to dress up more for school, once I expand my wardrobe a little bit!

Fill in the Blank Friday!

Hey y'all! So I already had a  post for today, but I decided to do another Fill in the Blank Friday from the little things we do's blog as well!

1.  The highlight of my week was   learning that Elliot finally finished applying to LSU!

2.   If I had to classify my interior design aesthetic it would be   traditional with a little bit of modern. 

3.  My first vehicle was   and still is, a 1999 Toyota Camry. I love this little car so much.

4. An item I need to have in my day in order to function is  tea. I drink it all the time, as if it's water.

5. My favorite way to waste time is  by checking up on emails and procrastinating on the interweb so much.

6. Right now I could really go for   a nap.

7.  This weekend I will be   workingggg. A lot .

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend! Mine will be filled with lots of work and lots of reading! What are your plans?

PS: This is adorable. 

Mail Time!

I don't know about you, but whenever I get something in the mail it makes me so happy! I've recently subscribed to a few magazines, so the trip to my mailbox is a little bit more joyful now!

Sometimes, I feel like Steve from Blues Clues and just want to jump up and down when it's time to get mail. 

A lot of the time it tends to be packages for school. Needing books for the whole "studying" thing. ;)

But sometimes, it's something pretty. Like this purse, that I bought for myself for being so awesome.

Do you like getting mail, when it's not bills of course!

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