A Week Break

This past Thursday was my hell day, the week in general was plain awful. I had three tests to take on Thursday, a paper due Monday and a rough draft due Tuesday. This isn't including the hours I worked or the clases I attended. Sleeping didn't really happen. At all. Just see for yourself: 

Me, dead to the world, at work last Thursday. (Side note: that purple shirt is my work shirt...I don't normally wear two tshirts to school. Just sayin'). 

For me, this means I missed out on checking my email, blogs, FASHION WEEK, and stumblin'. So for the next week, or so, I'm going to immerse myself in everything I missed, which means you get to be the audience, if you so wish! 

Also, this Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday morning, we have off for Mardi Gras break. This means I'll be in New Orleans (until Tuesday, late at night) spending time with family, friends, and one million strangers. Enjoying the parades, getting gelato at my favorite place and spending late nights talking with friends.

I'll probably see all my favorite looks, and compile them here! I hope you all have a great week/weekend!


  1. You really get a Mardi Gras break?!?! Crazy!
    Welcome back!

  2. Mardi Gras!! So jealous you're going-- have a fantastic time!

  3. Sometimes things just all come at you at once. It's like dodgeball, only no dodging! XD I've given you an award on my blog. The post is called ready for the weekend.

  4. It's a very nice spot.

  5. I would love to have a Mardi Gras break, but alas, up North, there is no such thing. Hope you're doing well!

  6. Have so much fun at Mardi Gras! One of my goals is to go to Mardi Gras one day--it seems like so much fun! Hope you find some time to relax soon, it sounds like you've been super-busy!

  7. Oh how I wish I could go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras! Have fun! xo


  8. Sounds like a pretty rough day, hope your week improves and makes up for it!! X


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