How NOT to Shave Your Legs

Y'all I swear I'm not clumsy (just don't ask my mom, she'll tell you the opposite) but every now and then I get a little distracted. Well the other day I got a little too distracted singing  while shaving my legs. I ended up with a battle wound (see below): 

After a week, the cut hasn't exactly healed all the way and I may end up with a scar (it's all good though). So obviously I've learned a lesson: when attempting to shave your legs standing up, pay SUPER close attention. Otherwise you (read: me) end up with awesome battle wounds. 


  1. I have one on the back of my ankle as well! And I totally agree, so dangerous!
    Il giorno Feb 8, 2012, alle ore 1:48 AM, "Disqus" <> ha scritto:

  2. Yeah, it wasn't exactly pleasant :/

    Il giorno Feb 7, 2012, alle ore 4:57 PM, "Disqus" <> ha scritto:

  3. Haha oh trust me! I definitely will be so much more careful from now on!
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  4. Ouch. I actually have a permanent scar from shaving my legs. It can be quite dangerous!!

  5. I kind of like scars :) Embrace it as a battle wound! And next time, be careful! ;)

  6. It was awful at first, but definitely got better over time!

  7. Ack! Although shaving cuts aren't normally very painful, this looks like it hurts!


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